Three’s company

Submitted by Christine Tirman, Susan Garrett and Cici Davidson, who all spotted this sublime sofa in the Pine Valley Road area of Little Rock, Arkansas, on — get this — the same sunny day. That’s a Sofa Project first!! A triple shot of sofa love — we have photos from three angles at three different times of day. Are we excited about this? Ohhhhh, you betcha. And so are our sofa spotters.

Christine's catch — check out that sideview mirror.

Christine recounts her reaction at sighting this specimen: “I almost had a heart attack since I never had my camera with me when I spotted some classic sofas strewn here and there. My sister took the photo out of the passenger window shortly before we almost went off the road. Capturing sofas on film can be hazardous to one’s health!”

Christine, aware of Cici’s status as a Sofa Project founder, posted her photo on Cici’s Facebook page, where Susan spotted it and noted that she, too, had shot this very sofa and emailed the photo to our special photo drop,

Susan's angle in the Pine Valley sofa saga.

Alas, poor photo, we found it not right away. Susan’s sofa pic bogged down in spam and it took us a couple of days to think to look there. But we did! So, here’s Susan’s photo. She was no less thrilled at her find, but left almost speechless, we think, by the sheer enormity of the event. Her message: “Regards.”

Cici then shipped her shot, which she had taken with her iphone while the sofa was shrouded in shade. Icing. On. The. Cake.


Thank you, all, for your keen observation skills and quick action with the camera. We applaud you, laud you … all that happy stuff.

Be safe out there … and remember that the adrenaline rush that accompanies sofa spotting is better than … yes, sext.

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