Tarped and tagged

Undercover sofas


Submitted by sofa maven Rhonda Owen, who spotted these a mere two blocks from her house, proving that you don’t have to venture far from the home fires to discover sofa treasure.

“I was out on a walk and saw a tarp suspiciously shaped like a sofa. So I snapped a shot. The next day, I drove by and the tarp was gone, the treasure revealed — not so treasurelike as I had imagined. Some things are best left tarped. Really.

“Two days later, the sofas were gone. I hope they found a good home where they will feel the sofa love and appreciation. I also hope new owners will be able to get out the stain left by the dog I saw hiking his leg on one end. Wasn’t fast enough with the camera to catch that.”

That wasn’t marking; it was tagging. A little doggy graffiti, a message to the homedogs.

Folks, keep on sending words and pictures to wordsense1@att.net. And satisfy all your sofawear needs at The Sofa Project Store. Check it daily for special discounts for special people.

Keep on the sunny side

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