Missing The Sofa Project?

A sofa for all times

Greetings, Sofa friends!

No doubt you’ve noticed a gap in the The Sofa Project’s postings these past few weeks. We’re mightily apologetic and grateful as all get out for your patience during our unplanned hiatus. Rest assured that The Sofa Project is still ongoing and your contributions are still sought-after and welcomed. We love you (being barefooted at the moment, we could count the ways) and assure you we couldn’t make it without your never-failing support and encouragement, not to mention your high regard for the pitiable, forlorn, usually stained and often cushion-less discarded sofas of the world.

What happened to us? Well, our Sofa Project webmistress fell off her sofa (in a manner of speaking), came down with vertigo and the world spun out of control for a while. But things are back on track, the cushions returned to the sofa, the no-longer-dizzy (notice how we avoided the word ditzy) sofa maven back in her favorite seat — the broken-in end of the sofa that’s nearest the best light for reading and an outlet for her Macbook, plus provides her with a clear view of the almighty TV.

Watch for a sofa photo to come later today. You’ll be glad you did.

Cheers and spot on. — Rhonda

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