‘The usual suspects’

Submitted by Bob Bartlebough, who writes: “Greetings from Texas … spotted these guys all lined up outside an apartment complex in Garland, Texas. Reminded me of a police line-up.  I thought about about captioning it, ‘the usual suspects.’ “

Wow, Bob, that is an impressive array of sofas! It does indeed give the appearance of some kind of official line-up. What crime might those sofas have committed to have landed them en masse on the curb?

Perhaps their only offense was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or maybe the Sofa Rodeo is in town and these bad boys are part of some rodeo round-up routine. See any ropes on them?

The sign behind the sofas — “Now Leasing” — poses another question: Does it refer to the sofas as well as the apartments or, hmmm, both or, hmmmm again, neither?

Thank you, Bob, for giving us so many serious sofa thoughts to ponder.

Keep sending those sofa photos to wordsense1@att.net. The Sofa Project is back, better than ever.

Could the Coen Brothers have had a hand in this?




2 thoughts on “‘The usual suspects’

  1. This gang of trouble makers, known as the South Garland Eight, likes to hang out on street corners and terrorize smaller pieces of furniture, especially those that wear the upholstery of a rival gang, by stealing the change found in their cushions.

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